Résident du Club Der Visionaere signé sur Sleep Is Commercial, Topper nous offre la tracklist du jour !

Le track idéal pour détruire un dancefloor ? The ideal track to slaughter a dancefloor?

Pure madness.

Le track idéal en after ? The ideal track for an after party?

Ain’t no after without Perlon!

Le track idéal pour commencer un set ? Best track to start a set?

Amazing trip from Vladislav Delay, just a perfect starts that lets you go in many different directions, and also gives you the time to think about where you wanna go…

Le track idéal pour avoir le smile ? Best track to make people smile?

Ricardo… no words… just smile!

Le track idéal pour se délecter d’un 18 ans d’age dans un fauteuil au coin du feu ? Best track with an 18 year old wine sitting in a rocking chair next to the fireplace?

One of my favourite late night tunes, just sit back and enjoy that wine!

Le track idéal pour replonger en enfance ? Best track to dive back into childhood?

One of my favourite songs from my dad’s (and one of my) favourite band.

Le track idéal pour te réveiller ? Best track to wake you up?

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in a forest every morning? This song always gives me the right kick to start a day.

Le track idéal à n’importe quelle heure ? Best track at any time?

I probably played this record at any possible time of the day/night… never fails.

Le track idéal pour résumer tes inspirations musicales ? Best track to summarize your musical inspirations?

The Masters!

Experimentation – Jamming – Instruments – Long Hair

It’s what drives me forward in music.