Après avoir enregistré notre 173e podcast, Leibniz revient avec une petite playlist ;-). Il a depuis fait de nouvelles sorties sur Shtum et Rat Life (il vient tout juste de sortir le maxi ci dessous), commencé deux nouveaux projets, DJ OK et DJ B-Win et monte actuellement un label avec son frère.

Le track idéal pour détruire un dancefloor ? Best track to slaughter a dancefloor?

Easy one! Gunfingers and Rewinds incoming!

Le track idéal en after ? Best track for an after party?

It’s my favorite Kassem Mosse track… to be honest I think it fits in every situation. But if your mate at a after party is saying « let me just put on one more tune before we go… » – hopefully he is putting on this gem.

Le track idéal pour commencer un set ? Best track to start a set?

My friend Skee Mask showed me this track. It has this really unique tension that is being held throughout the whole track. A perfect opening track in my opinion.

Le track idéal pour avoir le smile ? Best track to make people smile?

The Lyrics are about calling in sick at work on a Monday, because you raved too much. There are always people on the dancefloor who just might have to do that… hahaha
It’s a lovely tune! Mix Mup played it once and I just had to know what it is… Big up Mix Mup for telling me!

Le track idéal pour se délecter d’un 18 ans d’âge dans un fauteuil au coin du feu ? Best track with an 18 year old wine sitting in a rocking chair next to the fireplace?

I rarely come into that situation, but if I do I’ll listen to this one.

Le track idéal pour replonger en enfance ? Best track to dive back into childhood?

I loved that show.

Le track idéal pour te réveiller ? Best track to wake you up?

Girl Drop makes you wake up super smooth…

Le track idéal à n’importe quelle heure ? Best track at any time?

That moment when the amen break comes in is just too perfect!

Le track/set dont tu es le plus fier ? The track/set you’re the most proud of?

That is a hard question… Trans Atlantic Futurism is a Jam Credit00 and me recorded at his studio. We recorded the whole thing as a one-take and just released like that. I like that there are some mistakes in it.

Ta plus grande inspiration musicale ? Your biggest musical inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from watching movies. Especially Ghost in the shell really impressed me deeply the first time I saw it. The Storyline, the Look as well as the Soundtrack of the Movie is exceptional.