Terra – Part 3- Before Dawn

Berlin-based DJ Vera presents a new ambient project entitled ‘Terra’. Consisting of three individual chapters, Terra is a musical audio play that tells the story of a night in the rainforest. Paying homage to dear planet Earth, mother nature’s unmistakeable beauty and endless peculiarities come rising to the fore.

A sprawling journey into the great unknown, each mix takes the listener progressively through a myriad of wild and liminal spaces. Spanning all corners of ambient, avant garde, and experimental electronics, to ethno, Jazz, and beyond, Terra lavishes everything from moments of quiet introspection, spacey drones, chugging beats, hypnotic rhythms and select climactic peaks.

Carefully woven together as a multi-dimensional tapestry of sound, scenes transition gradually between environments, moods, and states. As the night progresses, forms shift endlessly under moonlit sky, and subtle shades of every kind make their stroke before the sun breaks free once again.

An intoxicating trip through dense jungle paths, untouched rivers and deep mountain valleys, we dive headfirst into Vera’s kaleidoscopic world of unusual creatures and bewitching natural phenomena. Uncovering the weird, forgotten, and mysterious, Terra invites the listener to co-create the rainforest as an imagined space and to discover the storyteller within.

Terra started as an earnest musical exploration, but through collaboration and further development Vera hopes to unlock its greater potential as a communal arts platform and ongoing multidisciplinary project. With this audio play as the starting point, who knows what the next chapters will bring…

Part 1 on Experiment Intrinsic (14 July):

Part 2 on EOS Radio (16 July):
Part 3 on Input Selector (19 July):

Follow each part to catch the unfolding story as it’s released.