A l’origine de la fameuse chaine YouTube CMYK devenue un collectif il y a peu, Eric Denis a répondu aux 10 questions de l’Instant T !

Le track idéal pour détruire un dancefloor ? Best track to slaughter a dancefloor?

So powerful I never dared to play it except in my latest podcast for our new collective aha. -8 obviously. Still waiting for the right time.

Le track idéal en after ? Best track for an after party?

Kinda overlooked by the A1 that had some heavy rotation by Arpiar and the usual suspects, this B-side has some crazy subs and a very dark vibe, that’s how I like my afters.

Le track idéal pour commencer un set ? Best track to start a set?

It’s about 60bpms so then you just layer some 120bpm big kicks over it and start the fun :)

Le track idéal pour avoir le smile ? Best track to make people smile?

Not super underground but it always puts a great vibe, the break is a typical put-your-hands-in-the-air-and-get-crazy moment. Every time I play it somebody asks me what it is!

Le track idéal pour se délecter d’un 18 ans d’age dans un fauteuil au coin du feu ? Best track with an 18 year old wine sitting in a rocking chair next to the fireplace?

One of my fav jazz LPs.

Le track idéal pour replonger en enfance ? Best track to dive back into childhood?

I wasn’t listening to much music as a child as my parents aren’t particularly music enthusiasts, but as a teenager, that’s one of the tracks that we probably listened 1000 times with some friends.

Seeing this band live was also quite a revelation, I remember being very very impressed by their mix of live instuments, electronic elements, powerful dub basslines… and they performed with TWO drummers and some badass visuals. We still talk about this gig haha.

Le track idéal pour te réveiller ? Best track to wake you up?

I’m very lazy, but if you put some good reggae I might get out of bed.

Le track idéal à n’importe quelle heure ? Best track at any time?

When I don’t know what to listen to, I always come back to early Flying Lotus beattapes.

Early FlyLo is best FlyLo.

Le track idéal pour caractériser tes productions ? Best track to characterize your productions?

There’s an unreleased track of mine in my latest mixtape and I’m quite happy of it, but I still didn’t get very deep into producing House Music. Basically I have experience as a Hip-Hop beatmaker and I’m making my house as I did my beats, working almost exclusively with sampling.

I want to sound something like this track but at 120bpm – a clever sample, make a nice loop and play with it. I find making arrangements and working the details quite boring, so I have dozens of 2mn loops made on a touchpad in the train or at airports and I don’t really know how to take it further. I was actually thinking of maybe releasing some of them as is, making sort of a house beattape.

Le track idéal pour résumer tes inspirations musicales ? Best track to summarize your musical inspirations?

Everything is there – gritty sampled drums with a lot of reverb, sick MC, female vocal samples, dreamy pads, dubby vibe… One of my favourite LPs obviously.

I could also have said Maurizio – Domina (Carl Craig Remix) but I guess it works for most of us :)