Brassfoot, ce mystérieux londonien a à son actif deux sorties sur Apron Records, label de Funkineven, dont il est le petit protégé. L’occasion d’en savoir un peu plus sur son univers à travers cet Instant T.
Pour les parisiens, ils pourront le voir ce soir aux côtés de TM Willy, d’Unknown et Micky pour la Reshape au Monseigneur.

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Le track idéal pour détruire un dancefloor ? Best track to slaughter a dancefloor?

While making this track I couldn’t stop moving, so I had a feeling that people would feel the same impulse when I play it out.

Le track idéal en after ? Best track for an after party?

This is something moody… Afterparties are all about climatising for me, coming down from the main gig. So this is the perfect jam to vibe to with your drink in your hand, or spit game to the ladies over hahaha.

Le track idéal pour commencer un set ? Best track to start a set?

When you start on this track, people know exactly what to expect from the rest of your set… Rawness! Big up Adam Feingold!

Le track idéal pour avoir le smile ? Best track to make people smile?

This track does what it says on the tin… It’s a track for smiling and celebrating good times with your people.

Le track idéal pour se délecter d’un 18 ans d’age dans un fauteuil au coin du feu ? Best track with an 18 year old wine sitting in a rocking chair next to the fireplace?

I certain that I was Rick James in a previous life. I dig his vibe massively… Totally get it. This song is timeless to me.

Le track idéal pour replonger en enfance ? Best track to dive back into childhood?

Mobb Deep for life… I’ve been enjoying their music since a kid and I’m still enjoying it all now. Growing up if it wasn’t Mobb Deep in my walkman, then it was Wu-Tang, but that’s all.

Le track idéal pour te réveiller ? Best track to wake you up?

Wake up or wake the f*ck up! There’s no choice but to jump like you stood on an ant hill when this song comes on. It’s like a shot of Turkish coffee, strong!

Le track idéal à n’importe quelle heure ? Best track at any time?

There’s no good or bad time to play this song, it stands on it’s own two feet, grabs you by the collar and gives you a good shake! Shout out to Lord Tusk!

Le track idéal pour caractériser tes productions ? Best track to characterize your productions?

Weird, dark and ominous… This track perfectly characterises me. It takes a while to get to know me, to understand my wave. But once it grabs you, there’s no way to let go… Dogenzaka! Look out for the remix ‘Dogencracka’ coming out on digital in a few weeks.

Le track idéal pour résumer tes inspirations musicales ? Best track to summarize your musical inspirations?

Je ne suis pas normale. Hahahaha… Watch the movie if you haven’t already. Liquid Sky (1982)