There is no question here, quiet is the word that turns up the most when you start looking up information on Voiski.
With tracks such as Ad Infinitum regularly played by the likes of Ben Klock, the young French man is getting more and more recognition. So it is quite normal to see him as one of the symbols of a resurgence of a vibrant techno and underground scene in the French capital along with people such as François X or Zadig.
In a quite unanticipated move, New York’s L.I.E.S. just released IAI Movement from the Paris-based producer. This EP features three techno tracks full of innovative and psychedelic ideas.

A1 From White to Red starts with mysterious and hashed vocals interloped with nervous beats which put you under pressure for 2.5 minutes before a sudden and surprising melodic output.

A2 From Wood to Stone shows luminous ideas, a powerful beat and results in generating a quite energizing track with a bit of a melancholia.

The B-side From Sea to Sea is an absolute killer with some industrial influences and an epic build-up.

Basically IAI Movement displays very effective and thought-through music. Voiski might be quiet but he undeniably has the ability to bring elegant, jacking and hypnotic elements together with relentless and uncompromising beats. The layers, the textures, the house cuts, the old-school feel – all in all we have here a multi-faceted EP that will undoubtedly stomp many floors and minds.

Voiski – IAI Movement – L.I.E.S. 036
Format : US 12”
Release date : November 5th 2013

Friday, November 8th : Voiski is playing live in Berlin for the Moments party at Humboldthain Club with I/Y, 88uw, Blind Observatory, and Dr. Rubinstein (infos here).